Monday, September 17, 2007

sweeter than revenge

it's hard to describe the gratitude and disbelief I felt upon seeing this big guy last night. Matt Rennick sacrificed his weekend, his sanity, and his sleep to sort out all the bullshit from this weekend, and make sure we came out on top.

if it wasn't for Matt, for Ben, Toby, Ryan, Cam, Billy, Keith, Mike, Polly, and anyone who offered a kind word, a part we couldn't use, or a call to fisticuffs - I never would have been able to welcome my new ebony prince, Staggerlee, to the family. in a somewhat ironic (or perhaps just fitting) twist, Staggerlee is about ten times the bike my old ride was - so smooth I just about asked him to wear a magnum XL.

to all the guys that donated gear, the dudes on the toronto bike forum, the extremely generous guys from Cavern, and anyone that called or msg'd to offer their condolences: thank you. I am more grateful and floored by your kindness than I can express.

Matt somehow also found time to suss out a ride for Jaye, and though it's gonna take some work, I have a feeling this is going to be one flashy miele.

for the first time this week, I had a morning free of anxiety or worry. my darling Jess and her pupper Chloe are sadly leaving for the catwalks of Milan soon, so I took some me time to play with my favourite little shit.


billy hamilton said...

stagger-lee is a beaut!
perfect name for the helm of revenge!
"kick open the door, see the bodies inter-twined, see the fear in their eyes, pull my colt .45 and i feel divine, whoaaaaaaaa!"

let me know if you still need those cranks (incase the ones you got are just loaners, i also have a black iro seat if you'd like!

Brandon said...

lookin good.

look at that jaye character.

jordan said...


yes, he is a handsome fella, so the rumor goes..

Jess said...

aww puppy lovin!

pat456 said...

no wearing any kind of bottoms when you play with puppies? slut. haha. sweet new bike looks better than gazer quest.

call me so we can talk about all this hah