Monday, November 19, 2007

if I'm lost (it's only for a little while)

sorry friends! no internets+dying iBook makes for a shitious lack of updates. my sincere apologies to anyone desperate to know what's going on in my life.

firsties, I'd like to say I miss the hell out of Nikka, Jess, and Jaye right now. miss Nik is back in london, making us all proud with her commitment to secondary education. Jessy has been in Milan for awhile now (too long, y'hear?) playing the model game, and rejecting italian men like they still got the plague. and JR's doing the rock n roll thing, dancing that cute apple bottom of his all over europe.

suffice to say, I miss all their guts, and resent that they got out of this barren hell hole before the cold set in. hah!

so me. I work my job, sleep my dreams, and wake up a little more dead each day. just kidding! but my life is sort of in need of some cheer right now. the past month has been a whirlwind of strippers, sneakers, and pot. not that those things don't rule in their own respect, I just feel like I could be contributing more to the greater good.

I took these photos in niagara falls a month or so back, but just found them. it's from a moving car, and I hadn't slept in two days so I'm pretty stoked on how they turned out. the last one is what I look like devoid of sleep in a wagman's, stock piling on vitamin water (aka, the l'eau of the gods)

I also travelled to detroit for a lucero show, but if you want the story on that you'll have to catch me in person. my encouter with federal agents, southern rock, and sketchy street people just isn't the stuff of good blogs. hah!

if you don't know of a band called the National, you're going to want to. I had the oppurtunity to be in their video for Fake Empire, and I got some stills from the shoot. on set was soooooo cold, and they had me teetering in heels on the edge of Corrina's building. (that's my disclaimer for why I look so bummed).

eep! three in the afternoon and I'm still in my jammies. dirtballs play against the spidermonkies tonight, gonna be a dodgeball blitz for those out of shape goofs! come out to runnymede and watch if you have nothing better planned - I'm hitting up the secret (sssh!) attack in black show after.


Brandon said...

I wouldn't mind seeing some dodgeball abuse. I have no idea were said place is.

jordan said...

runnymede public school, main gym. it's just a couple blocks north from the station. commmmeee!

Andrews said...

Amazing band, great song, really interested to see the video!

nicole said...

awwww i'm a shitty lurker. i didn't even see this until now.


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