Saturday, March 1, 2008

oh, Hiiiiiiiiiii

this blog has died. I can't talk about interesting or personal things because too many rando's read it. and I can't fill it with bland nonsense because that just ain't right. here's my update, no time to es'plain, just summed up...

1. bottle service is the best, most bizarre thing to happen to the bar industry. as it keeps my bills paid and sneakers piled high, I can't complain. but if a club is too awful to be seen mingling around the vip-less area, maybe you ought not be there? silly rich boys.

2. matty m and I made it official. a very pleasant calmness and warmth has settled in with us, and I'm all sorts of happy.

3. daaaaaay-job: I also now sell jeans at Showroom on queen w. come on in and let me do your behind right! wait. pause?

4. living on queen w. rules, and I wonder every day how I managed to live so far removed from the toronto I wanted. nestled between the pubs, art galleries, dance bars, vintage shops, and crack heads...

5. I needed another one to brag about my place some more. purple bathroom! huge sunlight bathed kitchen! amazing roommates! my little handyman hanging my pictures on the wall! no bugs!

6. fixxxxxxed. my bicycle is now flipped over to fixed gear, and I got it hooked into a minoura rim trainer in the kitchen. the wheels a bit (read: horribly) out of true, so it makes it extra difficult on the rim rider. gonna monstersize these thighs any day now!

7. Steeeeeeeeephen! I have sort of taken in a stray little guy we named Stephen. he's just about the roughest, meanest looking cat I've ever seen, but he's softened up a bit, thanks to 9 lives wet food and some sunshine.

8.. my dad's been sent to Kandahar Afghanistan. I'll close this one out with the last letter he sent. I feel really lucky to have a father willing to do whatever's asked, for his family and country. neither of us believe he should be there, but he is, and that's the only thing that counts.

Hi everyone
Just a note to say I have made it here OK and am getting settled in. Finding an Internet station to use is a bit of a bother - if I only had my own laptop there is wireless connections throughout the camp.
The weather is pretty warm 30C yesterday and about 28 today. No clouds in the sky. There is an awful amount of dust blowing everywhere and everything is coated in the same light brown colour dust. The roads in camp are made with sharp granite stones that are a pain to walk on. Some people have bicycles but they complain that they are continually getting flat tires from the rocks. I had to buy a pair of converse boots from the American PX just to give my feet a break.
The camp is huge, about 12-15000 people are here. Americans, British, Dutch, Romanian and some Australians as well as a host of civilian workers. My job is OK. I am in the Joint Operations Center working for NATO. The position is with the Airspace Coordination center. Basically what happens is when the people on the ground outside request air support (planes, bombs etc) or artillery support I create a 3 dimensional box in the air for the ordinance to come in onto the bad guys - then I inform the air traffic people to keep their people away.
The food is good but I am sure after a while the novelty of not cooking will wear off. Lots of salads and fruit. There is a boardwalk with a Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Dutch restaurant and Korean take out. Oh yes don't forget Tim Horton's. Also there are a few gift stores (with crappy stuff) T shirt places, and a Afghan carpet shop. As well there are the Dutch, Canadian, British and American PX's
That's about it for now folks. Bye for now Love Dad, Uncle Ross and Ross.

see yeah on the streets, kids.

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billy hamilton said...

i totally bought a new pair of nudies before i left!

good to see an update, looking forward to mass brunches, sweet hangs, bike rides and lucero shows in april.