Tuesday, January 20, 2009

you can't hedge bets here

hi stephy, yes you can be in the blog.

hi dean! welcome to manhood. three of a kind beats two pairs, and you want to try, if you can, to not make a face every time we deal you cards.


billy hamilton said...

dear jordan,
please feel free to invite me to poker night, that is, of course, if you're prepared to lose all of your money. :)

love, your pal
- billy "i once took $400 from the drummer of NOFX with 3/5 suited over his pocket aces" hamilton.

jordan said...

our pot was just over $4..
but you're still invited to all future impromptu poker games.
if nothing else, you can mindfuck deaner with us. ahah

"you're going to fold."