Monday, August 10, 2009

post roast

"beauty checklist" p. 97
27. do you enter a room gracefully?
28. do you overdress?
29. do your clothes have a current silhouette?
30. does your slip show - ever?
31. do you try to wear clothes "one more time" before cleaning?
32. do you wear chipped nail polish?
33. do you have a negative attitude?
34. do you have a perfume identity?
35. do you ever leave makeup on overnight?
36. do you know your special assets?
37. are you a hair puller or hand wringer?
38. do you expect results from "self-improvement efforts" overnight?
39. do you greet people with a positive statement?
40. are you considerate of others?
41. are you petty?
42. are you more concerned with what your neighbor is doing that what you are doing?
43. do you make others feel important?
44. do you have a positive attitude?
45. do you possess the qualities you like in others?
46. do you have a happy voice?
47. do you criticize others in an effort to build up your own image?
48. do you make an effort to remember and recognize people?
49. do you care enough about your appearance, your husband, your job to devote the time and effort to become a person you would admire?

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Resisting Diastole said...

Jordan. I just got home. I read all those questions and I'm concerned as to what my answers are meant to be/mean. For example, do I have a negative attitude? Yes. Then it asks if I have a positive attitude. Am I meant to say No to reiterate my previous answer about negativity? Or by the time I get to that question am I meant to be posi? What is the point of all of this? I'M NOT CRAZY! FUCK THIS! I will kill everybody. After I drink a cup of tea, listen to Slayer and gather my thoughts.
Shhhhhhhh it's gonna be ok Shhhhh