Tuesday, July 31, 2007

accident prone

what's the furthest place from here? it hasn't been my day for a couple years. what's a couple more? and if I go, don't forget the one good thing I almost did. I learned your name without words.

I bit it on streetcar tracks (again!). last time my grey mob hoodie took most of the abuse, and I got away with a teensy scar on my elbow and hip. this time though - yeesh. I fell so hard my seat and brake hoods actually rotated almost forty-five degrees. roadrash down my forearm and shoulder, bruised and scraped my hip, elbow, and knee.

the mom and pop were a bit concerned about me, so they came down yesterday bearing presents. wholefoods giftcards, ikea furniture, and baked goods galore! they also found this old relic in the attic and thought they could persuade me out of veganism with it:

jokes on them! this baby is gonna churn out loads of gelato and soy ice cream. Ashlee came over after we got whooped in dodgeball to help put together the bookcases they bought me.

one down!

ahhhhhhrg, I just wanna swim. I think we're hitting the bathurst dundas public pool wednesday night if anyone wants to come out and recreate the scene from Sandlot with me. I'll be the cute lifeguard slathering on oil..


Brandon said...

yuhhh bummer about eating dirty street car tracks, hope you're ok. gelato is amazing, there is this place near my block called dolce gelato which is soo good.

nicole said...

the sandlot is my life.

ps. as if you linked up to my lj. lamest shit ever that i never update. and as if i had to find out about your life through this shit, through facebook! haha weakness galore.

pps. i miiiiight work thursday. pray to god that i do, so that i don't have to sell myself to businessmen in cheap suits. i will let you know. call me though? from a payphone? they're fifty cents now. or at least that's what i've heard. isn't that outrageous?

pat456 said...

all public pools in toronto are full of aids. have fun. esp at scaddington court heh. xo