Monday, July 23, 2007

got your hair done, nails done too

babyboy Laserquest got a makerover! embarassing foam handlebars and insanely long brake cables no more. Rennickand Ash hooked me up (as always) with white aero hoods off eBay, and pro tape - like, PROfessional

big week coming up - ladies roadtrip down to dirty Detroit, for some shows and shopping. I've been dying to exploit my employee discount at an american whole foods, so we're gonna do that up too. fuck yeah, smuggling fruit and veg over the border! Blackbirds are playing at refuge on Thursday night, and warped tour is Friday. shit's gonna be sweaty and hankry by Friday night driving back

I need to take more photos if this blog is ever going to get read. awwwwwwwwww


Brandon said...

The dirty D. Say hello to mike jesse and paton for me.

tomas said...

hey jordan, you rode my bike at the music video shoot. I happened to find you through jess' blog, and now I'm totally jealous of your ride.

Sorry to hear about your wipeout. I almost bit it last week when I was watching the scenery and not the pot hole in front of me.

tomas said...

p.s. not tomas, but in fact i am matt.