Friday, July 20, 2007

number one! number one in russia!

you know, sometimes I get a bit down, about my lack of a good fella to snuggle and all. but as long as there's still craigslist missed connections, I know I'll find my man one day. HA! (also - please note the pistachio graphic)

thanks to Corrible for finding that gem.

shit's been busy. spent Thursday on set for Pride Tiger's first video, dancing my sober little heart out along side miss Ashlee Sheridan (thought she didn't dance? it's a wild wild world). best part of the day was definitely crawling out of a hole in the floor, and through the bass drum twenty thousand times, for all the camera angles. worst part - hungry hungry tummies! rancho relaxo provided us with some vegan friendly burritos, but the rest of the day's options were peanut butter. and peanut butter. topped with some redbull and a spoonful of peanut butter.

I made up for it this morning with a fruit chimp.

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Jess said...

hehe fruit chimp ha